TomTom in Toyota Yaris Dashboard  

As reported by Letsgodigital, TomTom has launching of the first portable GPS embarked available in a car manufacturer. The new Toyota Yaris could be equipped, in option, of a TOmTom GPS navigation integrated into its stereo system of series. The series of Tomtom that fit in Toyota Yaris is Eclipse AVN2210p which features Bluetooth and integrate smoothly with the existing car audio system. The customers of Toyota Yaris can from now on benefit from all the advantages of TomTom, like the update of the charts and the software, the portability and the access to the contents and services of TomTom, available using the free software in TomTom site.


U.S. Map Vectorized in MagicTracer  

Neat program that converts bitmaps into vector lines for Illustrator or CAD. The MagicTracer program shown here vectorizing an U.S. map.
MagicTracer is a raster to vector converter for Windows. With over 100 customizable functions, MagicTracer works as your all-purpose tool for raster to vector converting. It even comes complete with a simple interface and real-time previews that allow you to see how a custom setting will affect your project. View the videos to see some demonstrations.

Magictracer designed for use by architects, sign makers and graphic artists, MagicTracer is unusual in providing the ability to edit both the original raster and traced vector versions of an image, and supplying an overlay mode that allows users to view both simultaneously. The resulting DXF files can be imported and edited by most vector drawing applications, such as Adobe Illustrator.


GPS Locator Phone for Kid  

The Wherifone is the world's smallest GPS cell phone for children, and it provides affordable peace-of-mind to the modern mobile family.

What makes Wherifone different is that parents control who their child can call, and they can locate their child with a built-in global positioning capability — state-of-the-art GPS. While it won't work everywhere, the unique Aided-GPS locator technology built into the phone lets it be located in lightly obstructed areas, such as many types of wood frame buildings and vehicles, and under dense foliage.

The Wherifone GPS Locator Phone is a cell phone safety solution that families can rely on.


GPS Child Locator Watch  

That's why Wherify created the world's first GPS Personal Locator to help you determine your child's location in minutes. Wherify's GPS Child Locator helps keep loved ones safe by combining Wherify's patented technology with the U.S. Department of Defense's multi-billion dollar Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites plus the largest 100% digital, nationwide PCS wireless network.

1. Call or log on to web site to track your child by GPS satellite immediately. 2. We'll map your child's location within feet and provide the closest street address.

Package Contains:
• GPS Personal Locator Watch
• Key Fob
• AC Battery Charger
• GPS Watch User Guide
• Quick Start Guide


Integrate vehicle tracking ,car alarm, realtime video in one device  

GlobalTrack is the world first vehicle tracking system support Google Earth. This Vehicle navigation support Camera ,Fuel level Sensor,Temperature Sensor ,Wireless Panic Pad , Internal battery , smart features. GlobalTrack integrate vehicle tracking ,car alarm , realtime video and analog measurement functions in one device. This vehicle tracking system is a powerful and low cost vehicle tracking device. Not only gps data, GlobalTrack can send remote fuel ank level reading back to server in realtime. All fuel reading information geocoded with location , time , speed ( gps navigation information ) for server analysis. With Muti tasking OS, GlobalTrack support both GPS and external device data sending at the same time without data loss. This package include 1:1000000 scale world map (250MB)